Filoli – Febuary 2013

Filola was just waking from a short winters nap. The gardens were already showing colors, and what the potential would be for later in the spring.

One of the things they do is pots of plants all over the place. When I visited again a 2 months later these pots were changed out for a different plant. Although I didn’t get a picture of it, along the original driveway there is a section that is where they keep all the pots. So even though the plant has gone by, it is maintained in the pot, so the next year it can again make an appearance.

The Flickr slide show is here so you can see all the pictures.

[slickr-flickr type=”slideshow” size=”medium” search=”sets” set=”72157633280456371″ items=”50″ captions=”off” delay=”6″]


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