End of May

Here is some pictures of the deck today. My sweet peas have started to flower. I have gotten a pretty blue and a nice deep red so far. My morning glories are climbing very well. They have put out a flower here and there. I have been dead heading the flowers each evening to try and get the vines to put out more.


One of these window boxes have carnation seeds in them. It is the one closest to me as I am taking this picture. I am not sure how tall they will get before they bloom. I have one more window box that I could plant in. I am thinking of buying some carnations for it.

The Geraniums are doing very well. I have a red and a pink. The pink is all from cuttings I took from a plant someone here at the apartment building threw out. The ‘mother’ plant is looking a lot better since I cut it back. I have a bunch of cuttings just sitting in water, that I think I will ninja plant around the apartment property.


My baby cedar is doing very well. This will be its 3rd year with me. It has gotten nice and tall. I have been getting nice new growth on the ends of the branches.


The fountain is looking a bit cluttered. But all those plants are wild flower seeds that I threw in the base of most of my pots. Not all of them are doing well. But some have just exploded.

20150528_131707   20150528_13161020150528_131731

I am going to try and learn how to make pottery this coming month. not sure exactly when. BUT the plan is to make a hummingbird bath. I am still working on how I would like it to work/look. But the goal is a shallow dish for the hummingbird to take a bath in, and possibly water falling down into it.

Well that is all I have this week.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Changes to the site:

I have not been updating this site as often as I should. So I am making some changes.

I have removed all advertising. I may remove the links to the other gardening blogs, as many of them are not linking back to me.

I am also re-evaluating my hosting, and the costs associated with it. I do not want to loose this URL. I rather like it, but if I can not afford the finances then I will have to give it up.

I will post again here in a few weeks to tell folks who still follow this page what I am going to do.


California Redwood

On August 5th, 2013 I received a present. A very cute Coastal Redwood (Sequoia Sempervirens). 001 004 003

I planted it temporarily in a 2 liter bottle. I didn’t have a pot ready to use, and I didn’t want the little guy to wait too long to get his roots into some soil.

August 5,2013 - Redwood seedling planted in a cut bottle.

August 5,2013 – Redwood seedling planted in a cut bottle.

I left him in the bottle for a few months. I put some moss around on top of the soil to prevent it from drying out. In September it was already putting out new growth.


In December I was able to re-pot into a larger pot.

New Pot form my Sequoia

New Pot for my Sequoia

I took some new pictures this morning. It has new growth and almost looks like it has 3 trunks.

Sequoia in spring.

Sequoia in spring.

This little guy came from Jonsteen Company. They have a wide selection of baby redwoods. I have been so pleased with this company, and the trees that I gifted my very beautiful cousin one for her wedding. I got for her a Giant Redwood (Sequoiadendron giganteum).

The wedding tree.

The wedding tree.

Wedding Present for my Cousin.

Wedding Present for my Cousin.

The theme of the wedding was burlap and lace. Here is the tree and the calligraphy I did to commemorate the event.

A friend, Janet, helped me with the matting and frame. The sapling flew to the east coast for the wedding, in my carry on.


Wedding tree, potted.