When one thinks about gardening, traditionally the image of open spaces with garden plots comes to the mind. Traditionally here in the USA gardening required land. Maybe just the land of a front yard to plant some bushes, and flowers. Or it could be the back yard to provide grass, flowers and maybe even a veggie garden.

In rural communities it is even more likely the image will be of fields of food, or cultivated plots of flowers around a country home.

More people in the USA live in apartments, then live on a farm, in a country home, or even one of those lovely suburban homes that looks like the one next to it. Apartments tend not to bring to mind gardens. Many of the decks, porches, fire escapes and railings in apartment complexes are just left to sit there, unadorned, unloved and unused.

Even on TV you are more likely to see a home remodeled, or renovated for the owner, then an apartment decorated. You will see lawns and gardens dug up, and redesigned, many times with extreme results. But we do not see how to take a 9 foot by 5 foot area and make it a living space.

I hope to help change that. This is just my beginning. I hope to grow this into something useful to people searching for small spaces to make green, lush, fragrant, and enjoyable.

Please join me in my quest.



3 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Melissa, this is a great idea, and after I get my moving over with, will be happy to give input and some ideas. Need a month to get through and recover from all thet is happening here right now.

  2. Awesome, love to see more of this. I have been apartment/container gardening for years and it’s always fun to see what others grow in their small spaces. I’m currently in a large apartment complex as well. My deck is packed with plants, not so much for many of the others. Here in Florida however, I pass by another apartment complex every so often with someone living in it that has a deck that looks just like mine. Makes my day every time I see it!

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