I have a new friend at work.


This is Ducky. He keeps me company during training.


He started his day with a black “hat” on and then changed his mind. He found a pretty blue hat, and my calculator. He decided blue went better with doing math, so he has been trying to help me with my quizzes here in training.


When break time came Ducky was wholeheartedly a supporter. He didn’t even leave me anything.


After break we took an assessment. It had a bunch of questions on how to calculate the out of pocket expenses for the member, and what VSP will pay to the doctors. I have to say, he gives bad advice about when to add or subtract Co-pays. I only got 9 out of 12 correct.


During lunch I had to fight with Ducky over my glass of water. He went and drank it all on me.


Poor little Ducky got bored during the last half of the class today. So he stole my phone and chilled out to some Jack Johnson.


Ducky is so chill that my training neighbor wanted a selfie with him.


I caught Ducky trying to get into my computer… bad Ducky


Bad ducky had to spend 15 min in the penalty box.


Ducky said he would stay the night and guard the training room. I hope he doesn’t use the company computers to play Archeage.


“Shhh, you didn’t see me” Ducky

** The proceeding story and pictures were all done during no class/training time, and all pictures are without proprietary, HIIPA information in them.


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