New Apartment; New Porch

So in November we moved. It has taken me this long to get myself together enough to show how the deck/porch/front door looks. This apartment did not come with a separate patio or deck. The only space I have for plants is at the front door. Now this isn’t an issue as it is larger then the space we had at the last apartment.

I am still using the Olla from Clayola that I reviewed previously. I love this product. It works very well with my containers. The great thing about this new apartment is there is a hose bib in the porch closet.

Here is the basic set up.

I have 2 China Doll plants. They are a tree, but frequently are sold as a house plant. These were about a foot tall in 2011. One of them at have not survived the move, and subsequent frosts we got this year. It has yet to put any leaves out. The second one is defiantly doing ok. Before I repotted them in these pretty pots they sat in pots that had no drains, so for a few weeks they sat in water.  As the sad one dries out a bit I am hoping he puts out leaves.


Base of first china doll tree


2 Ollas in the bottom of one China Doll tree


Second china doll tree, Olla’s slightly covered


Leafs of the second china doll

My sequoia tree is really liking its new pot and new location. This is a pot that has no drain. It is a “self watering” pot. Which just means it has a space on the bottom for water to sit, and not be in the roots. Because I do not water this tree with anything other then the Ollas it seemed like a good option. I put 2 Ollas in the pot with him to make sure he gets the water he needs. And as you can see by the new growth here at the bottom, he seems very happy. I have to trim this all, I was going to look and see if any of them could be rooted.


base of the sequoia tree with 2 olla and a small put with one olla and catnip.

I call the 2 catnip plants I have, Cat Traps. I have a doorbell with a camera, and I am waiting to see if the local cats come examine the catnip. They may destroy it, but it was cheap and may be entertaining. Catnip is also a Mosquito repellant.


Close up of the catnip pot, with olla hiding under the birds


Monstera deliciosa pot. one olla and some begonias

The Sago Palm was a gift a few years ago. It has done well in a small pot, but I think it will do better in this larger one. Again this is one of the “self watering” pots. because this is drought tolerant I thought it would do well in this kind of pot. I will have to water it now and then.


Sago Palm next to the door. no olla

I have a total of 3 of the “self watering” pots. My last one is holding a jade and another succulent that flowers. I think it is a hen and chicken type succulent. I am not sure. I have had a problem with over watering jades in the past, but didn’t have any other pots with drains. I did put the jade in a cactus soil, with a bit of regular potting mix on the bottom because of the depth of the pot.


right side of patio as you approach


right side of patio, covered.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my current container garden. I will hopefully be adding another vine to the left side of the patio. If the one china doll plant does not make it I may add another tree, or a patio rose tree.