Summer Gardening in a Drought

California is still in a drought. This spring has brought some much-needed rain, but still not even a “normal” amount.

This changes the way I will be approaching my deck garden. All of my plants are in containers which traditionally need more water than if you plant them in the ground. With that in mind I have changed some of the planters to more hardy and less water needy plants.

Mixed pot in flower.

Mixed pot in flower.

This I only one of the pots that have a mix of succulent and cactus that seem to need minimal water. At least they do not need to be watered every day.

Another way I have addressed the water need is to use bath water. I have a roommate that love to soak in the tub. There was a level of guilt happening because of the drought. So now, as long as no soap is used, I take buckets of water from the tub when the roommate is done, and use it to water the plants.

Monstera deliciosa

Monstera deliciosa

So far none of the plants seem to be showing signs of being upset with this watering schema. I would like to set up a drip line for my large plants. This would allow me to put a bucket of water out, and then they would get water for a longer then the moment I water them. I am still looking into this.

I have used drip line before. It works great for me, but I have to create a new water reservoir. The last one I was using was a solar shower water bag, and this is just difficult to fill, and it needs to be hung up. I am considering converting a 5 gallon bucket int o a reservoir, this would mean I could set it on a stool or raised item, instead of having to hang something.

April growth of the Scarlet Trumpet Vine.

April growth of the Scarlet Trumpet Vine.

That is the current state of the deck. I have my new camera, so I will be continuing to take pictures of the deck and other things.

I have started a photography site. This will be where I post most of my photos. Especially the ones that have nothing to do with my gardening. You are all welcome to join me there as well.

Rugosa Rose Photography

Thanks for dropping by.


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