Morning Glory

The morning glory is a vine that is seen just about everywhere. They are a perennial in warm climates , and an annual where they are killed back with frost. They are also very good at re-seeding themselves. They enjoy full sun, and are happy with dryer soil, and generally ‘bad’ soil.

They do well in containers, but do need a trellis, or some other item to climb on. The vines themselves can grow 10 feet or longer/higher.

The flower is generally a morning flower. It will open in the morning, and stay open for a several hours, if not too hot, all day. There is a few varieties that open at night.

016001I have two containers that have morning glories in them. One is on the railing, and one is a larger pot with a number of other plants in it. My vines have done well, but I have not yet seen a flower. One of my vines, when it first came up did produce a flower, but as it has grown, it has not continued to flower.

These were planted in March, they came up in April, and now they have gotten pretty big.

One of the pots I have been ‘weaving’ the vines around chopsticks to make a bushier look in the


pot. This also spills over and a few vines are twining around some yard I tied to the top of the railing.

I am really liking the look of the vines. They don’t hang down with the way I have trained them. I am not sure I want them to, unless I have them hang inside the deck, verses down along the outside wall. 003

I admit that I am selfish with my plants. I want to see the blooms, I am less concerned if the outside world sees them.

The larger pot I have some morning glories in also have seedlings of Zinnias just coming up, and my cuttings of monstera deliciosa. I had a huge drainage issue with this pot. For some reason the ‘catch pan’ that was included in this pot fit too tightly, and water could not over flow it. Once I fixed this the vines have started to take off, and are seeming to enjoy the small trellis I have for them. I am trying to decide if I should just trim the vines when they reach beyond this trellis, or if I should provide a bit of yarn for them to reach to the ceiling.


I have also been considering if I will include morning glories in the pot I am planning for by the front door, in the exterior hall way. I am still not positive on the size this will be, and how much I will put in it. I have a citronella plant I think I will put there, as it is not really my favorite plant, and it has never flowered for me. If my bare skin brushes it I tend to get a slight rash as well.

I am at the limit of my containers at this point. I do not think I will be adding anything more, except maybe a bit of strawberries up on the railing.

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