Technology in the Garden

I have another passion other than gardening. I love my technology. I love being able to use the tools todays technology gives me to watch birds in a bird bath. And I love being able to share it.

In the Tech section of this blog I talk about how I set up the Linux Mint machine I use to host my camera. Well I found a website that I can use that will take that camera and put it on the web as a live camera.

This is where you will find my Live Deck Camera. I lose some of the functions that I had with ZoneMinder. I will not be able to record the birds using motion detection. I uses a windows program called iSpy that did video motion detection. This was a great program, BUT it needed windows, and I am using Linux. It also didn’t seem to have a live broadcast function.

So I will test this site out for a bit, and see how I like it, and see how you all like it.

I would love to hear what you all think of it. And if I can help any of you do similar in your gardens, I would be happy to.


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