Memorial Thoughts

imagesCAUQXJ3OThis weekend is Memorial Day here in the USA. I honestly do not know about other countries. I assume there is a day in the calendar in just about every country that honors the men and woman (and sometimes animals) that have served on behalf of their country.

imagesCA833878I have the utmost respect for service personal. Their sacrifice, and that of their loved ones allows me to enjoy the freedoms of my country. I also have a huge respect for all people who serve their country. These people may be doing it willingly, or not, but they are putting their lives at risk for the country they are from. I may not always agree with the politics of these countries, but I do think their service personal deserve respect.

Thinking on this, many other countries in this world have also worked with my country. In WW II we had many countries working together, on both sides. The losers rarely   are honored. But I want to bring this up. Many people are told they must protect the land they grew up on, live on, and make their lively hoods on. This is not just what has happened in the past in all the major wars, but it is happening now. Just because you disagree with the politics does not make these people less honorable.

I of course am not discussing inhuman treatment that has occurred before, and will continue. I can not condone this, support this, and I am not going to even address the small percentage that has gone down this path. Karma will come back for them, I do not need to allow it to discolor the honor of the rest of the human race.stock-vector-circle-full-of-colored-people-people-made-of-flags-88217368

So this weekend I wish to thank all those that put their lives out there to help others. Be they police, firefighters, emergency workers, military or the many people out there willing to step in when the world blows up, and help someone they do not know. This weekend is specific for the military here in US, but today I honor everyone who serves the public. You deserve to have a parade, fireworks, a day off, flags waved for you, and a great party in the back yard.

Thank you, from the depth of my heart. And know that there are people around the world that thank you every day.


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