Lava and Water


So I have gone out to a really awesome place to get rocks for my deck. I have shopped for rocks to use in my fountain, and possibly other things, now for a while. I couldn’t get anything less than a 40 pound bag. And all of those were $20 -$30. It just seemed too expensive, and too much.

003Well I want to Galt Rock. WOW! They had everything. River rocks, lava rocks, gravel and even potting soil. The guys there were incredibly nice, and didn’t even seem to think I was that crazy. I even got to talking with one about the humming birds that visit the fountain they have right there at the office.

I got about a 5 gallon bucket full of 1″ – 2″ red and black lava rocks. It was only $4. And they even put it in a heavy-duty bag so it wouldn’t make a mess in the car.

005So home these rocks have come. I have soaked them, rinsed them, agitated them in water, and seemed to have gotten all the loose dust from them. I think they are a dramatic look when wet.

Into my new galvanized tin bucket some have gone, with my pump, and home-made fountain top. I had purchased some tubing to use to make a new fountain head, but I got it way too small. I will have to get some more. But now my fountain is almost complete, and I even have my left over morning glories coming up around the bucket.

I am rather pleased with the result at this time.001

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