Friday Night Bath

I have used my web cam to monitor my bird bath. This has gotten some nice pictures and videos. Today I want to share the Friday Night Bath.

This little guy has not yet been identified to what his breed is, but as you will see he is loving the bath. He also seems to like to land on my camera in the middle of his bath.

If anyone has any idea what he is, please I would love to know.


friday night bath 5-10-13

5 thoughts on “Friday Night Bath

    • My cousin agrees with you that it is a Mockingbird. I finally looked it up, and it deinatly looks like the Northern Mockingbird. I had thought it was a Northern Blue Bird, but i think i was wrong.

    • It is really easy to set up. This is a cheep camera with a USB extention cord connecting it to my computer in the house. This camera is not water resistant in any way though. I am looking into a clear plastic box to put it in so that it will not get damaged, no matter the weather. The downfall of this set up is that I cannot shut my slidding door completly. I need a better solution. I am also using a free software for it, called iSpy. It allows me to set up areas in the picture to look for motion, so all those cars in the background do not activate the camera all the time.

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