Water Feature for the Small Space


Take a 2 liter bottle and cut the top off. I made my cut so that I took it off the bottle just where it gets the largest in diameter. This makes a funnel like shape. I did the same thing to a 16 oz water bottle. The bottle is a thinner plastic. I also cut a strip of the plastic out of the body of the water bottle.

Two bottle tops.

The plastic ‘strip’ I twisted into tube that I slipped into the mouth of each bottle to create a tiered effect. This also provides a bit of a smaller diameter to the mouth of the bottle, so it will make a better fit on the pump. This is still a very loose fit, but the water pressure is enough to make the water flow well.

Larger top with a plastic 'tube' inserted.

I am using a plastic bowl. It is not the best solution, but it works pretty well. I dug a hole in the pot I am  planning to use for one of my plants when the cuttings get some roots. Into the bowl is a pump, and a collection of rocks.

007 009

I put a ring of stones around the bowl to try to keep the soil from falling in. I have reconfigured this little fountain now at least a dozen times. I am not happy yet with the rocks. I am thinking of getting something other than rocks for the inside. I need them to hold up the plastic bottle tops. I am thinking that if I get some tubing that would actually fit the pump I can not use the rocks, and put something interesting, in it, and possibly some LED lights.

Making the best of a small space. That is basically what this fountain is all about.fountain closeup

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