Humming Birds


Ok I went for my walk today, and remembered to bring my little camera, instead of my cell phone. I went back to the place I saw what I had decided was a humming-bird nest.

I positioned myself under the nest to take some pictures, and to see if I could spot a baby in it, or a parent returning. Well in the branches above the nest I hear an odd hum like sound, and a bit of a chirp. I looked carefully and there was a humming-bird sitting on a branch. I thought it was one of the adults, and that I may be bothering it, and it didn’t want to return to the nest.

Well then I see another humming-bird fly around the first, and then feed it. To my ultimate surprise I found the baby, and got to witness the baby being fed.

I have a group of pictures of this, but they are not the best. I tried to keep the birds in the center of the pictures. The parent is green and blends into the needles well, the baby seems to be black and white.


10 thoughts on “Humming Birds

    • I am fairly sure my excitment at having found them contributed to the blurry pictures. The type of tree they use is in front of my apartment’s deck as well, so I have been watching for evidance of more humming birds on this side of the complex.

      • You will get better at photographing them. It took a while before I could do it. But I took photos with the point and shoot and was really surprised how they came out perfectly clear. So no worries, they will be non-blurry soon.

      • Thank you. I am trying to put together a webcam, or inexpensive security camera for my deck, to take pictures of the birdbath when i have visitors, and some of the flowers that a humming bird may visit. I love works in progress. They are always evolving.

  1. Oh how I wish you had a telephoto lens so we could have seen them more close up! Nice blog – it must be tough moving from lots of space to a tiny very manageable one…lots of watering I would suspect.

    • I am learning some tricks to make it easier to water. I have some tera cota water probes in one group of plants that are working awesome, and I have been experimenting with 16 oz soda bottles in others. The pots I have on the railings prevent me from using the water spikes you screw on to bottles.

  2. We had an Allen’s hummingbird nest in a fern outside the office this spring. They’re so well camouflaged that they can be very difficult to spot against the foliage. Even though I knew where her nest was, every morning it would take me a minute to find it again. You did very well to spot this fledgling!

    • I don’t think I would have seen it if I had not spoted the movement. The baby was ‘buzzing’ its wings. That is all I can think to call it. It took a moment to see what was doing it, but it was close to the nest, reletivly. I wish I lived on that side of the complex, I would have a camera set up to take a picture or video of the nest regularly.

    • We had them at my mother’s in Vermont as well. The nests of the type in Vermont hang down of the branch like a little pocket. I have seen pictures, never found one myself. So this was exciting to me to see one and the baby to boot. I just had a pair of humming birds visit my deck today for some flowers. But I did not have anything set up to take a picture of them. I am working on that.

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