Spring Growth


So with spring here I have focused on getting the deck cleaned up, and organized. The plants that I planted from seeds are coming up very well. I have noticed that maybe half the seeds germinated. And I am seeing a small flying gnat. When I researched it they are called fungus gnats. It seems that the larvae feed on roots and new shoots. So this would likely explain why I did not have a larger percentage of seeds germinate. I have picked up some poison to get rid of them. We will see if it works.

The vines are all coming up quite a bit. It almost seems like they are growing before my eyes. The difference in less than a week is dramatic.


3/31/13 - runner beans
Differance of 7 days
The ground cover that I have had such a hard time identifying, seems to be creeping jenny. It is starting to flower with the tiniest white flowers. I can see how this can be considered invasive. It basically took over the window box I have it in. I have put it in a number of other pots to help the soil keep moist. It provides shade to the soil so the hot sun doesn’t dry out the pot quite so fast.

002 003

I am enjoying my solar lights. I have put the two lights with the shepherds hook on either end of one of the railings. They get enough sun there at this time of year to stay on almost till morning. The dragonfly lights that I have on the trellis only stay lite for a few hours, but they are pretty, and will look neat with the leaves of the vines around them. I have another string of them I may put out somewhere, but I have to make sure the solar panel can get light. Only one side of the deck is really good for solar.

It is too bad it is such a small space, but I will continue to make it enjoyable to look at, and sit out in with the001 morning coffee. Some of the things I would like to do will have to wait till I get a job. I would like more shepherds hooks to hang my candle lanterns on, or for small wind chimes. I would also like to get a plastic pan to put under the plants under the dish. When I water them they some times leak down onto my neighbor, and that is just not polite. I would also like some kind of rug to put down. Something to add a bit of design to the floor, and to keep my feet from freezing on the cement, and soften in a bit when I am out there grilling.

I am enjoying sprucing up the space. Of course I am finding that there are very few things actually made to put in such small spaces. It seems that in a world where millions live in apartments, gardening is still considered something done by home owners. Even with all the garden shows, and home shows, there is nothing that looks at small spaces. It is too bad really.



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