Monster Deliciosa (from wikipedia)

Monster Deliciosa (from Wikipedia)

Ok so it is called a Monstera deliciosa. It is used commonly as a house and office plant. It has the potential to be HUGE. They are a native to tropical forests in Southern Mexico to Colombia. Frequently I have seen this plant, or a relative in the rain forest exhibits at museums and zoos. Continue reading


Deck after Dark


For my deck I wanted to sit inside at night and see the glow of lamps among my plants. In a larger space this would be pretty easy, but when limited in space it becomes a challenge. Much of the challenge is to not go over board, and to keep solar options in mind. Electricity is available on the deck, but it is not in a convenient place, and I question the safety of this particular outlet. Continue reading

First Bloom of Spring


So things are growing on the deck. The runner beans have started to really run… up the trellis. The trumpet vine is not yet very tall, and hard to distinguish among the other vines. I am a little concerned that it will get crowded, but I will leave it be for now. If it looks too sad, I will move some of the runners out of that pot. Continue reading